Musings on Lemmy and PBS

Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer/songwriter/bassist of the group Motörhead, passed away the other day at age 70.  I am a fan, and I will miss him.  One of the tributes I saw on-line was a clip from the British sit-com The Young Ones from the early ’80s, which included a performance from Lemmy and the […]

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Planning to be Happy

A week or so ago, there was something on television that I wasn’t watching.  What I mean is, the TV was on, and I was in the vicinity.  It was either a Barbara Walters special or maybe 60 Minutes, and some celebrity was being interviewed.  It could have been Michael Caine.  I’m not sure, really, […]

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Nontraditional Gamer

I’m 50 years old, and I play video games. Sounds like I’m introducing myself at an AA meeting, doesn’t it?  Among people in my age group–in my mind, at least–this admission that I play, and enjoy playing, video games seems to carry the same sort of stigma as admitting other uncontrollable addictions.  Even when I’m talking to […]

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