My First Platinum Trophy

You would think that there’d be tickertape parades and fanfares after such a momentous accomplishment.

Or not.

Recently, while playing Fallout 4 on my PS4, I earned all of the available trophies in the game, which, in turn, earned the granddaddy of all game trophies, the platinum.  It was my first.

Okay, you’re 13 years old and have earned 20 platinums so far.  I’m proud of you.  I’m sure you’ll have many more on your virtual shelf before your video game career is over.  But, this one is special.  It’s mine.  And it’s my first.

It’s also a little unexpected.

No, I didn’t get it by accident.  When I was at a point in the game that achieving the platinum seemed possible, I went after it with much intent and purpose.  I didn’t earn it organically, by just playing the game.  I went on-line and learned how to get some of the more elusive trophies, such as the Homerun trophy or the one for getting all of the bobbleheads.  Maybe this is considered cheating: I don’t know.  I could never have gotten all of the trophies by accident.  It took work, and many, many hours.

It was unexpected because I thought my first platinum trophy would be earned in Mass Effect.  I’ve been playing that game for three or four years now, not just six months.  And I’ve earned every trophy in the first ME game except for that earned by completing the game on the Insanity setting.  I’m in the process of completing an Insanity campaign now, currently getting my virtual ass handed to me by Matriarch Benezia on Noveria on an almost daily basis.  And I still have Feros, Vermire and Ilos to go, not to mention that final battle on the Citadel.  It may be a while yet.

When I started playing Fallout 4, I only had three trophies left on Mass Effect.  That’s why earning my first platinum for any game other than ME was unexpected.  A pleasant surprise.

This accomplishment—if you will allow the term—also highlighted the fact that I was sick of playing Fallout 4.  Immediately after earning the platinum, I went and sold the game at Gamestop, and I never plan to play it again.

Meanwhile, back on Noveria…


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