20 Things About You

  1. You live near a major body of water.
  2. You feel as though you’ve reached a crossroads in your life.
  3. You dislike mean people.
  4. You’re learning to stop blaming your parents for everything wrong with yourself or in your life.
  5. You sometimes feel lonely even in a crowded room.
  6. At some point in your life, you have cried.
  7. You don’t completely trust doctors.
  8. You have been in love at least once.
  9. You have been attracted to someone who wasn’t attracted to you in the least.
  10. You have often felt like a misfit.
  11. You will fight for what you believe in.
  12. You dislike people telling you what to do.
  13. You’ve had at least one incompetent boss or teacher.
  14. You believe you work harder than most of your co-workers.
  15. You are conservative in many of your beliefs, even if you tell others you’re a liberal.
  16. You think there’s too much reality television programming.
  17. Someone in your past had a great effect on the course of your life so far, and you think about them often.
  18. You are at least a little afraid to die.
  19. You have an opinion about religion, but you consider yourself open-minded.
  20. You think taxes are much too high.

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