Dan Harmon’s Story Circle

danharmoncircleI am always interested in the working habits and processes of professional writers.  Just this morning I stumbled across the story circle developed by Dan Harmon, and found it interesting.

For those of you unfamiliar with Harmon, he is the creator of the television show Community as well as the cartoon Rick and Morty, and he hosts his own podcast Harmontown.  He’s a complicated person, which is to say he apparently drinks a lot and does drugs, and that he’s probably a genius.  From what I’ve read so far, it seems that he asserts that his story circle (pictured above) applies to all stories.  It is based on the Hero’s Journey, as laid out by Joseph Campbell, though simplified.

I’ve just begun to apply Harmon’s structure to stories I’m familiar with, and, as I said before, am finding it interesting.  But, I’m no expert on it.  Dan Harmon has written about it in more detail at Channel 101 if you’d like to find out more.




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