Looking Forward (Update)


About a year ago, I wrote a couple of posts about the forthcoming Mass Effect Andromeda video game.

I mentioned it once in some random thoughts about the assertion that the secret to happiness was having something to look forward to.  At the time I was looking forward to seeing my great-granddaughter Melody for the first time, and to my new insurance taking effect, and to this, the latest installment of the Mass Effect series.

And then I mentioned it when Bioware announced that the game would be coming out in fiscal Q4, which is January-March 2017.  I’m still not sure if there is an official release date, though I keep seeing March 21 mentioned in random posts.  There are also new Mass Effect novels that will be coming out, and as a completist and aging fanboy, I will read those as well.  I really do enjoy the Mass Effect universe.

In the present, the ending days of 2016, I am subjecting Shepard to an Insanity run on ME2.  It’s the only thing between me and another platinum trophy.  Earlier this year, I earned the platinum for ME1.  I wanted to earn platinums for ME2 and ME3 before Andromeda comes out, but I probably won’t make it in time.  I’m having trouble saving Garrus/Archangel at the moment and don’t see things getting easier.

In my pursuit of happiness, I have other things I’m looking forward to as well.  I will write about these things later, I think.  Probably around New Years.


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