TV Review: The Crown

In the details that are available to everyone with a few simple keystrokes, I believe that the Netflix series The Crown is historically accurate. But the truth is, I don’t really care. I am of the school of thought that, once dramatized or reduced to narrative, all history is at least partially fiction. Certainly it’s […]

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Marvel’s Luke Cage: a review

Marvel’s Luke Cage is the comic book television series I didn’t know I wanted. Netflix knows what it’s doing with the Marvel projects it has been entrusted with. The first was the Daredevil series, which managed to wash the taste of that Affleck/Garner debacle out of my mouth and return me to the days when Frank […]

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Boldly Going: Deep Space 9

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was always, to me, “that Star Trek about the space truck stop.” Like a cosmic Stuckey’s. But, I’m watching it now, and it has merit. While watching the first two-part episode, “Emissary,” I was initially distracted by Avery Brooks’s head. Brooks plays the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko, the new […]

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Veronica Mars: Season 1

  Recently, I was reading up on the proper way to write reviews of television shows. It seems that this has become an interest of mine, both watching and reviewing, and I thought that I might make the attempt to do it correctly, as the professionals might. One of the rules that stuck out to […]

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