Justice League Dark: a review

  I have looked forward to watching Justice League Dark since I first heard about it in 2016. This is a Warner Brothers/DC Animation movie, not a live-action film, but it was a story that would have translated well to the big screen. Here’s the elevator pitch: It’s Doctor Strange meets the dark, magic-related roster […]

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Boldly Going: Enterprise

  This review of Enterprise (which only became Star Trek: Enterprise in season 3) is based on the first six episodes of the first season. This is my second viewing of these. I made it this far before, and one more episode, if I’m remembering correctly, before abandoning the series. I’m soldiering through this time. […]

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A year ago I would have told you that I would never take a vacation on a cruise ship. It seems like there’s a news story every week about one cruise liner or another suffering some calamity. Food poisoning, fire, sinking, pirates, being adrift without power or facilities for days at a time, getting turned […]

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Legion: a preemptive review

SPOILERS AHEAD. STOP READING NOW IF YOU PLAN TO EVER WATCH THE FX TELEVISION SHOW ‘LEGION.’ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Truth is, I’m not sure if there are any genuine spoilers in this piece, because I just watched the first episode of LEGION and I’m still not sure what’s going on. And I like it. […]

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