Star Wars Battlefront II (trailer)

It looks like today is trailer day for me. I just watched this trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II, a video game which is coming out in November.

I had mixed emotions about Star Wars Battlefront (2015). I loved the gameplay and the visuals, and the soundtrack was amazing. I eventually grew bored with the game, however, because there was a serious lack of story in a universe that is all about story. Plus, I’m still not a big fan of multiplayer games (I know, that means I’m an old man), and my options on single-player seemed limited.

This assessment is based on the game itself and not any of the DLC content which may have followed. I had abandoned the game by that point.

If I were to believe the hype of this trailer, most of my quibbles with the previous game have been addressed. Plus, we get to fight out in space, and the visuals look amazing. Of course, I know this trailer is a brightly colored wrapper meant to get my attention by promising all sorts of things that may or may not be delivered on game day. That’s what advertising is. However, hope springs eternal. And, as I said, this looks amazing.

I will play it, of course.

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