Series I Plan to Watch. Someday.

Let’s say it again: Happiness is having something to look forward to.

If you insist that ending a sentence with a preposition is a cardinal sin (is this a sin committed by a cardinal? But, I digress—), then my personal happiness mantra could be written thusly: “Happiness is having something to which you are looking forward.” I think it loses something in the translation.

I’ve written before about my personal embarassment of riches when it comes to forms of entertainment to watch out there. There are so many current television shows that I’m invested in at the moment that I have a serious backlog of other series that I plan to watch. Someday. “Someday” is nearly a definition of the phrase “looking forward to.” A few of these are series that are still being produced, and others have been off the air for a while.

In this post, I’m going to list some of the series I am looking forward to watching. Someday.

In no particular order . . .

Mr. Robot: I actually watched the first season of this show as it aired. It was different and funky and surprising in all the right ways. Then, I didn’t watch the second season, and now I’m not watching the third. I want to catch up on this one, but I’ll probably have to start over from the beginning.

Doctor Who: I’m talking about the modern Who here, not the shows dating back to the 1800s. Again, I started watching these a few years ago, but was only halfway through the second series when I stopped. Still with the David Tennant Doctor. Which means I’m more than eight seasons (sorry: “series”) behind. I guess I’m not much of a Whovian, but I really want to be. Plus, the new Doctor is a female! Can’t wait, but guess I’ll have to.

Stan Against Evil: This is a more recent addition to my list. I’m already two seasons behind, but they are short seasons. I may watch these sooner rather than later. I’ve been a John C. McGinley fan for years.

Supernatural: I’m already 13 seasons behind on this show, and that is daunting. I may as well wait until I’ve finished my on-going project to watch all the Star Trek shows before I start this one. Admission: I have watched part of the first season, and liked it, but this is more of a commitment than I’m willing to make at the moment. Plus, it’s still on the air.

House of Cards: The future of this series is in jeopardy at the moment because of Kevin Spacey’s moral downfall, but there are already five seasons in the can. And, I want to watch them.

Vikings: Yeah, I’m four seasons behind on this one. I’ve never watched a single episode yet. Maybe I won’t like the series, but I suspect I will.

The Expanse: It’s science fiction and already two seasons in. Why am I not already watching it? I don’t know.

Constantine: There was only one season, three years ago now. And it’s a comic book property. Not a huge commitment of time. I’m going to work it in somehow.

Hannibal: Only three seasons long. I already know who Hannibal Lecter is, or at least I think I do. I’ve heard great things about this one.

Bates Motel: Likewise, who doesn’t know who Norman Bates is? This series was five managebly short seasons long.

Dollhouse: Only two seasons. Joss Whedon. ‘Nuff said.

Deadwood: Three seasons. Cowboy drama. I’ve always meant to watch it and now it’s over a decade old.

Dexter: I watched only the first of the eight seasons of Dexter. I liked it, and now can’t remember why I stopped. There is something skeevy about rooting for a serial killer, but it was quite entertaining.

Leverage: Five seasons. I’ve heard Alastair Stephens and Lani Diane Rich talk about this show, back when they were married and Storywonk podcasts were a thing. I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since. And I will.

Bones: Twelve seasons, and I’ve watched only the first two episodes. I feel like I have to watch this one, just for the Joss Whedon/Angel connection alone. Maybe I’ll hate it once I start watching.

Castle: Again, the Joss Whedon connection. Eight seasons, and I feel I owe it to Nathan Fillion.

I’ll stop the list here, even though it only scratches the surface. The list doesn’t include the current shows I haven’t begun watching yet, like The Inhumans and The Gifted. Or the original Star Trek series and the animated Trek series that I intend to re-watch after I finish watching TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. While staying current on Star Trek: Discovery, I should add.

As you can see, I have a truly first-world problem here. So much content, and a finite amount of time. Plus, they’ll keep making television shows that I want to watch, I’m sure.

It’s a great non-problem to have, though. An embarassment of riches, as I’ve said. And definitely something to look forward to, and to plan for. Ending sentences with a prepostion be damned.


One thought on “Series I Plan to Watch. Someday.

  1. So many good shows here looks as if we have similar taste, I really need to start Supernatural I’ve heard such good things about it, and you can never go wrong with Doctor Who I bet, Dollhouse is a true classic i need to see as well, so much good stuff happy watching…

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