Supergirl: Season 3 Midseason Review [Spoilers]



Supergirl Episode 3.9 “Reign” was a great episode to watch before the midseason break. It even ends with a cliffhanger following the first battle between Supergirl and Reign, a battle that was more than slightly reminiscent of Superman’s battle with Doomsday that led to all the Death of Superman hoopla all those years ago. [editor’s note: the author still hasn’t watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so his references date back to 1992, when Superman “died” in the comic books]

We now have more than a month to wait to find out whether or not Reign actually killed Supergirl. Smart money is on “not,” of course. The name of the series is Supergirl.

Let’s talk about the third season so far. First, we have a few new characters on board. There’s new villain Morgan Edge, played by the omnipresent Adrian Pasdar. So far, he keeps making guest appearances, mostly as Lena Luthor’s arch-nemesis, but, by association, also Kara Zor-El’s. And we also have the mother-and-daughter team of Samantha and Ruby Arias. They first appear as potential victim’s of Edge’s machinations during the premiere episode, when the two are saved by Supergirl. Then, Samantha—”Sam”—is revealed to be a new executive at Lena Luthor’s company. Over the course of several episodes, Sam, Lena and Kara become best friends. So, of course Sam turns out to be Kara’s secret Kryptonian nemesis, a supervillain known as Reign.  It was Sam’s alterego who beats up Kara in the midseason finale, apparently to the point of death.

Another character introduced during the first nine episodes is Thomas Coville, played by Chad Lowe, a man who was on the plane saved by Supergirl during the pilot episode. He’s become an evangelist spreading the Word of Rao, and he’s become an expert in most things Kryptonian. It was Coville, from prison, who tells Kara all about the Kryptonian religion that predated Rao worship, making predictions about the coming of Reign.

Kara’s sister Alex splits with her partner Maggie when it becomes evident that they can’t reconcile their opinions about having children. Alex becomes a surrogate “aunt” to Ruby Arias during the season, which makes me wonder if Sam won’t be killed off or otherwise taken out of action (like sent to the Phantom Zone or something) so that Alex can take her place as Ruby’s mother. This might not happen, but it seems to be something the writers are insinuating a little.

Mon-El returns to National City. He’s been both to the future and to the distant past. And, guess what? From his perspective, he’s been away for seven years, and he comes back married to the perfectly lovely Imra. In the future, he helped to found what we know is the Legion of Super-Heroes, but what he just refers to as “The Legion.” I get the feeling Mon-El and Imra have returned to National City for something else, but we don’t know what it is yet.

J’onn J’onzz discovers that his father is still alive on Mars, and he brings him back to Earth to live with him. Over the course of five or six episodes, we find Hank’s father getting acclimated to his new surroundings.

In the final episode before the break, there are also romantic sparks between Lena Luthor and James Olsen. I should have seen that coming.

This has been an interesting season so far. I’ll still be watching when January 15, 2018 rolls around.  You know, to see if Supergirl makes it.


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