Madden 18: Longshot: single player story mode – video game review



Oh. My. God.

Am I allowed an OMG exclamation in the review of a video game?

Not even an entire video game. Just the story-mode portion of a video game.

I purchased Madden 18 because of its story mode, I’ll admit. I thought it was something different, though. I thought it was a kicked-up version of having a career player mode, someone you’d be able to play through multiple seasons until you reached the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. That’s not what Longshot mode in Madden 18 is all about, though. It’s a genuine story.

I’m not complaining. I like stories. And this is a good one.

I want to add here, at the beginning, that this isn’t a review of the entire Madden 18 game, because I haven’t played it yet. In fact, I think it’s still loading on my PS4. I have played the entire Longshot story mode, however, and it took about three-and-a-half hours.

Longshot is the story of Devin Wade, a quarterback from Texas who quit playing for the Longhorns after his father passed away and then joined the Army. Wade is an older player when he attends the Regional Combine and lands a role on a reality show named Longshot. This story is about Wade, and his childhood friend Colt Cruise, trying to make it into the NFL against all odds. It’s a rousing underdog story, the type we all enjoy, with portions that are playable as a video game.

Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali plays Devin Wade’s father in this playable movie. I know Ali from his role as Cottonmouth in Marvel’s Luke Cage, not from the film he won the Oscar for. He does a wonderful job here. Barry Corbin, who was once Maurice on Northern Exposure, plays Devin’s high school football coach, and also does a good job.

I’ll go as far as to say all of the voice actors did a wonderful job in this story. At one point the story even featured the voice and video game likeness of Dan Marino.  

I wish it continued as a career mode. I would love to continue playing Devin Wade as he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as a 7th-Round draft pick. But, that apparently is not what the story-mode of Madden 18 is about. Regardless, it’s a good story.

Is it worth the price I paid for the video game?

Absolutely not.

I’m going to assume that the football game itself makes up for that deficit. But, this was an unexpected, and quite entertaining, part of this sports video game. A story in three acts, with an uplifting ending.

I expect that the gameplay on the rest of the video game will be as excellent as what we’ve come to expect from the Madden franchise. This little bit of extra entertainment was just a gift to us. And a good one, too.

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