Television Series That I’m Cancelling


At this point, I don’t know if the following television series are going to renewed or cancelled at the end of their current seasons. But, I do know that I’m planning to stop watching them. I am, in effect, cancelling them for myself. Here’s my list, and my reasons why:

Gotham – It’s one of the series that I least look forward to watching on a week-to-week basis now. The show is unremittingly dark, and even with Bruce Wayne inching ever closer to becoming Batman, the show often fails to keep my attention. Plus, the creative forces behind the series have seemed to run out of new ideas. I still like what the show has done with Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, but I can’t stick around to see Bruce fire Alfred again or Jim turn another girlfriend evil.

Arrow – For much the same reasons as Gotham. The plots are tired, often predictable. And, I’ve decided that I just don’t like Oliver Queen very much. He never comes across as smart as he’s supposed to be, and he treats the people around him like an entitled douche, even though he’s no longer a billionaire. I’m not sure how he’s paying all of his bills, because he shouldn’t be able to on a mayor’s salary. The Big Bad villains on the show have become interchangeable and unbelievable. I’m not even sure Star City deserves to be saved at this point. As dumb as this sounds, I miss the flashback format as well.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – This was actually a tougher decision for me to make. I have truly enjoyed parts of the current season, and I will watch the rest of it. But, this already feels like a wrap-up season for me. With Fitz-Simmons finally a legal couple, and Coulson and May seeming to inch towards couplehood themselves, and the fact that I’m certain the team is about to save the Earth from becoming the dystopian future we saw during the time travel episodes, I think I would rather just see the series end. Coulson’s not going to die again. We know this. And if he did, he’d just be resurrected again somehow. No. It’s been a good run. I’m jumping ship before it really begins getting crappy.

The Blacklist – This series actually ended last season, with the death of Mr. Kaplan, and then with the real death of Tom Keen this season. The bones-in-the-suitcase Maguffin doesn’t keep me interested. In spite of my love of James Spader’s performance as Raymond Reddington, I have to face the fact that it’s over. For me.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – This is one that I seemed to bail on without thinking I was doing so. Because of my busy viewing schedule this season, this was the show that I’ve allowed to accumulate on my DVR. I watched the first and second episodes and the crossover event, but that’s it. And I haven’t been tempted to watch any of the other episodes in the least. I think I’m done already, and may not even watch this season, especially since I’m bummed out because I already know that Victor Garber left the series.

Those were the series that I’m certain I will not be watching next year whether or not they are renewed.

Honestly, The Walking Dead remains on the bubble here. I already stopped watching Talking Dead, as much as I enjoy Chris Hardwick, so I have to think this may indicate that my enthusiasm for the show is waning. Plus, they killed off Carl this season, and while I’m not the biggest Carl booster, I think this was one death too many for me. I don’t want to be watching when they take out Darryl, Carol or Michonne. Honestly, Rick is becoming one of the least interesting characters on the show. Take him instead. Yeah, I know it has already been renewed. And, yeah, I reserve the right to change my mind. Like I said, it’s on the bubble.

This is not a sad thing. All good things must come to an end. If I have to call an ending before the shows themselves do, that’s okay. It frees up my allotted viewing time for other properties, new and old, that I want to watch. There is a glut of entertainment choices out there to take advantage of. And I will.

Plus, if these series all continue, I reserve the right to watch the rest of the episodes at a later date. I did that with Sons of Anarchy after I first lost interest in the show, and I enjoyed watching it to its conclusion. It could happen again.

In the meantime, I could start watching Doctor Who again, plus Supernatural, Constantine, or any of the other shows on my “Someday” list. It’s a win-win.

*For the record: I realize that “canceled” or “canceling” is more common in American English, but I side with my British cousins on this spelling choice.  The second “l” just looks better.


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