Arrow: Season 6 – a review




Arrow started what’s become to be known as the Arrowverse, or, alternately, the Berlantiverse.

I’ve been a fan from the first season, when Oliver Queen was using the list created by his father to save his city (which was Starling City then; now Star City). It’s not a coincidence that I’m still watching the sixth season of this series, long after the flashback structure has become unnecessary.

As all of nerd-dom knows, the moderate success of Arrow allowed for The Flash to be produced, and, behind it, all of the other DC Comics shows. The Flash has surpassed Arrow in popularity. Yet, Arrow perseveres. It still exists.

And, that’s probably the best thing I can say about this series. It still exists.

Its original mojo has been eliminated. Lian Yu is nothing but a footnote at this point. All of the other Big Bads that threatened the city have come and gone. What we have left is glorified drug dealer Ricardo Diaz. While he is a real threat, he’s no Malcolm Merlyn or Damien Darhk. Unless I’m completely mistaken, he’s just a human being, however successful and textually brilliant.

When this season ends, Quentin Lance is dead, but Ricardo Diaz isn’t. Diaz survived because he was blasted, at the last minute, by the other-Earth’s Laurel Lance, into the bay.

Oliver managed to make amends to all of the other people he has wronged, and he’s headed for Supermax prison as the season ends.

I don’t mind telling you that this season has been a waste of time for me. Another season is coming out in the fall, and I won’t be watching. Quentin Lance is dead, and Paul Blackthorne is heading for another series, so I think the death will stick.

Arrow has been renewed for Season 7. Congratulations to the Arrow team for this. That’s no small accomplishment.

Good luck going forward. I may not watch it as it airs, but I’m sure I’ll watch it at some point.  For now, I need a break from saving Star City.

2 thoughts on “Arrow: Season 6 – a review

  1. I must amid my enjoyment of Arrow has plummeted this season. Last season wasn’t that good, and this year the decline has really set in. I used to never miss Arrow, but now I just watch occasionally. I prefer Supergirl and the Flash from the CW shows best. Maybe next season of Arrow will redress the balance a bit and see Arrow recapture the greatness its sadly lost.

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  2. I prefer Supergirl and Flash as well. I’ve already skipped this season of Legends, postponing it for a later time. My concern is that the quality I liked about Arrow is something that can’t be recaptured, but everyone likes a good redemption story.

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