15-Minute Force Update: What’s In The Future?



Almost exactly one year ago, I began the 15-Minute Force project, in which I’m dissecting each of the Star Wars movies, in story chronological order, into fifteen-minute chapters. One chapter each week.

In this way, inspired by Alex Robinson and Pete the Retailer over on the podcast Star Wars Minute (those guys are doing it one minute at a time), I’ve written a combination personal memoir, story synopsis and commentary all in one. Mostly this has been for my own private amusement (as evidenced by the number of views), but that’s okay with me, too. I started the project as an excuse to watch the movies again (and in the case of the “prequels,” to retire them), and I enjoy it as a story deconstruction exercise. Love ’em or hate ’em, these movies can teach all story creators something, even if, sometimes, it’s how not to do it.

I’ve completed all three movies of the “prequel” trilogy, the standalone movie Rogue One, and the first two movies of the original trilogy. I’m getting quite close to finishing Return of the Jedi and will have published Chapter 3 (30:01 – 45:00) by the time this post comes out.

The movie Solo, which I haven’t watched yet, is still in the theater as I write this. I may wait to watch it on DVD or streaming. But, the fact that it exists has thrown my chronology seriously out of whack. I’m guessing it falls somewhere on the timeline between Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One, but I could be mistaken about this. It will get the 15-Minute Force treatment, but I may wait until after I’ve gone through The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, both of which I already own on Blu-Ray.

That’s where we stand at the moment. Jedi is in the process of wrapping up, and Force Awakens is on deck.

Star Wars is still an on-going franchise, so I may be doing this for years to come. At the moment, there’s at least 30 more weeks of material to get through. And after that? Who knows? I would enjoy giving this same sort of critical analysis to some of my other favorite movies from different genres. Comedies, horror, crime dramas—maybe an assortment of my personal faves from the AFI 100.

There’s no shortage of material if I still have the bug thirty weeks from now. We’ll see. If I ever transition from Star Wars material, I may have to change the 15-Minute Force name. That day will be a sad one for me.

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