Spider-Man: the video game — a trailer



I had already planned to play the upcoming Spider-Man game from Insomniac based on its previous trailer. If I hadn’t, this new trailer from Sony would have convinced me to do so.

The only other Spider-Man game I’ve played was 2004’s Spider-Man 2, loosely based on the Tobey Maguire movie. I enjoyed the web-swinging mechanic in that game and getting to the top of the skyscrapers, but it wasn’t that great of a game otherwise, in my opinion. This was 14 years ago, though. The combat in this new game is inspired by Arkham: Asylum, which is a series I have enjoyed. In this trailer, the fighting looks varied and never boring, not just relying upon Spider-Man’s webslinging abilities.

This video doesn’t just make me want to play the game. It makes me want to watch the movie it’s not based on. The cutscenes here are exciting and the action is MCU-ready.

The game is available on PS4 on September 7th.


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