Colony: Season 3 — a review (Series Ending?)


I haven’t been following the entertainment news very closely. I found out that Colony had been cancelled by the USA Network the same morning I was watching the Season 3 finale. The description of the episode on the streaming device I use described the episode as “series finale.”

Maybe, I thought, they meant “series” in the same way my friends in the UK define the word, which is to say the same as our “season.” But, then I did a quick Google search and found out the bad news. Colony has been cancelled.

Which is not to say that the show couldn’t get picked up by another network. Such as Netflix, maybe, where I watched the first season in time to be on board for the second. Or, maybe, Amazon Video, which recently picked up The Expanse after SyFy cancelled it.

I hope that something like this happens. But, if it doesn’t, I need a graphic novel, an honest-to-goodness novel, or an animated feature to finish the story. The episode that ends Season 3, “What Goes Around,” in no way finishes the story of the Bowmans. Or, for that matter, of Alan Snyder. I demand closure.

After losing Los Angeles as a setting this year, I was concerned about what was going to happen with the show. During the first half of the season, in which the Bowmans (and Snyder) transitioned from rustic mountain living to falling in with a Resistance camp, and then traveling to Seattle, the show began to feel a lot like The Walking Dead. A show starring Sarah Wayne Callies was bound to get compared to TWD eventually. But, I feel like some of the similarities were intentional. A scene which involved a conversation about how gasoline breaks down over time and becomes unusable as fuel seemed like a jab at TWD, where the characters are still driving around in cars and on motorcycles eight seasons in.

If the show had remained this, I would agree that it was time for its cancellation. However, it got better after the Bowmans arrived at the Seattle colony. Seattle seems like a benevolent utopia being ruled by none other than Wayne Brady, who was actually pretty great in this. Of course, this show being what it is, things aren’t exactly what they appear to be on the surface. The Bowmans seem to be dealing with personal tragedy separately as the mystery begins to unfold. We finally find out why Josh Holloway is immune to drones. As they are wont to do, things eventually spiral out of control and Alan Snyder (the great Peter Jacobson) returns, true to form, at his weaselly, evil best. Broussard (Tory Kittles) also immigrates into Seattle, and his scowling presence is always welcome. Everything is coming to a head as the season ends on a cliffhanger.

Which is where we are left now. Still hanging.

I liked Season 3. Maybe not as much as Season 1, but certainly as much as Season 2. And if the story were allowed to reach some sort of conclusion, I would still wholeheartedly recommend it to all fans of science fiction and dystopian future tales.

If Colony isn’t allowed to finish the story of the Bowmans, I don’t recommend it to anyone. For the same reason I never watched an episode of The Crossing after learning of its cancellation. 

Some of us need closure.

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