Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season Two — a review


A lot of people chose to dogpile on the mound of criticism directed at the first season of Iron Fist. I can understand why, objectively. It was my least favorite of the Marvel shows on Netflix, at the time. Still, I thought it was okay.

Just okay. Not great.

So, I went into Season Two with sufficiently lowered expectations. Maybe with a little trepidation as well, because Luke Cage slipped in quality during its second season, and I was afraid that the same might prove true with Iron Fist as well.

I’m happy to tell you that I think this was a better season for Danny Rand and his supporting cast. The fight scenes are much more dynamic. The story itself seems to have more focus, for the most part. Misty Knight is in this season a lot, which is a plus (even though Claire Temple is not; she seems to have vanished after the first part of Luke’s season two). Of course, Colleen Wing is there also, still trying to find herself after her ordeal with The Hand. Ward Meachum emerges as a more sympathetic character this season, as he is dealing with his addictions. Joy, on the other hand, takes the lefthand path and becomes a quasi-villain, helping Danny’s “brother” from K’un Lun, Davos, in his bid to steal the Iron Fist from Danny Rand. There’s also a new character brought into the mix, Mary Walker, a mercenary-for-hire who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (or, multiple personalities, as we used to call it). Walker is the badass super-soldier personality who is hired to help take down Danny. Mary is a sweet, artistic girl who seems a little ditzy. Is there another personality lurking in Miss Walker’s psyche. Maybe. I’m not telling.

Without giving away all of the plot points from this season, I’ll just say that things get pretty interesting. Danny is a more interesting character at the conclusion of this 10-episode season than he was going into it. Colleen has also developed into something else by the end.

The season does tend to get a little talky at times. There’s a lot of emotions going on as every character tries to find him- or herself, and these characters have to talk about it. There are some K’un Lun flashbacks that I loved, and maybe a couple that seemed unnecessary. The final episode seemed to continue on long after the main story arc of the season was concluded, including a “months later” epilogue that was a bit on the crazy side. I’m not current on the comic book continuity, so maybe Danny Rand with a pair of magic handguns is a thing there. It threw me off-balance, just a little.

But, it did make me sit up and take notice. If it’s in the cards, I would definitely watch a third season that featured a gun-toting Danny Rand, with Ward Meachum as his sidekick.

For what it’s worth, I liked this season of Iron Fist more than I did Luke Cage. It wasn’t as good as the second season of Jessica Jones, but it wasn’t too far behind. It whets my appetite for the next season of Daredevil (is this just Season 4?), which drops on Netflix on October 19.

If the first season has kept you from watching this one, take a chance on it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3 thoughts on “Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season Two — a review

  1. Good views on this new season of Iron First. I’ve not had time to check out Season 2 yet, but it sounds better than the 1st season, so I might eventually. Really looking foward to Daredevil Season 3, so maybe after that, I’ll check out season 2 of Iron Fist as well.

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