Titanfall 2 — a video game review


I don’t care about multiplayer mode. In any game.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

I have played video games since the 1980s. But, I’ve never found a multiplayer experience that I’ve truly enjoyed yet. I’ve raced against other players in racing games, and that was okay. I’ve also had other multiplayer experiences that I didn’t hate in other games, but I’ve found that I prefer the single-player experience. I like the single-player campaigns.

This means I’ve played many games where the multiplayer experience was the main focus of the game. As a result, the single-player campaigns—where they existed—were thin at best. Too short.

That was my experience with Titanfall 2, to a degree. I’m willing to bet that the multiplayer experience with this game is great, but I really couldn’t tell you. The single-player experience was pretty good. I can tell you that. But, as with any game where the multiplayer experience is the major selling point, the single-player campaign was pretty short. Not too short, but still shorter than I would expect.

In Titanfall 2, I played as rifleman Jack Cooper, who, due to circumstances beyond my control, becomes the pilot for Vanguard-class Titan BT-7274, AKA BT. With my Titan, I have to go through successive environments, from jungles to factory settings, military structures and debris fields, in order to carry out different missions. There are exciting developments, including the ability to wall run that becomes a commonplace talent. In one of the missions, I had the ability to fold time, which was fun. I wished this carried over to the rest of the game, actually, but it was fun while it lasted. There are the expected boss battles, of course. My one gripe is that the final boss battle didn’t really feel like the final boss battle. The game ended, and I was surprised that it was over.

I had fun playing this game, but I never felt emotionally connected to the story. If gameplay is your main objective, you might enjoy this one. It has some genuinely awesome moments.

For the Frugal Gamer, you can find it for under $10 at GameStop and other retailers. It’s worth the price.

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