Star Wars Movies (so far) Ranked

Star Wars

Having recently taken the 15-Minute Force project as far as Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, with at least a year before the final installment of the sequel trilogy, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to rank the movies in a post.

Since I haven’t seen Solo yet, it’s not considered for this project.

Instead of the traditional last-to-first-place countdown, I’m ranking the movies from most favored to least.

#1 The Empire Strikes Back — I suspected it would be at or near the top. Turns out it is my favorite of all nine of the movies I have watched so far.

#2 A New Hope — You never experience a second first time, and this was the one that started it all, even if I still prefer to think of it as just plain ol’ Star Wars.

#3 The Force Awakens — Does this surprise you? It surprised me. This movie leap-frogged over all the prequel movies. It came very close to capturing the feeling of watching A New Hope the first time.

#4 Rogue One — A surprisingly bleak yet hopeful entry that can never have a sequel. I thought this was a highly effective movie. I kind of wish Gareth Edwards had directed The Last Jedi.

#5 Revenge of the Sith — My favorite of the prequels, with a laughably long and mobile lightsaber duel that ends with Anakin as a crispy critter.

#6 The Last Jedi — A respectable finish, even if it allowed one of the prequels to surpass it. Magic mirrors and cute Disney plush toys brought it down.

#7 Attack of the Clones — You may not believe me, but I actually found a lot of things about Palpatine’s rise to power interesting. And the clonetroopers were much more impressive than the original-trilogy stormtroopers ever were.

#8 Return of the Jedi — I am saddened that one of the original-trilogy movies is in my bottom two. But . . . Ewoks! Even now, it’s hard to believe that I would rather watch two of the prequel movies again than this one.

#9 The Phantom Menace — There was absolutely no battle for last place. This is my least favorite Star Wars movie so far. Lil’ Anakin and the Hanna-Barbera Wacky Race are almost too much to stomach.

* * *

Here’s my list. Your mileage may vary, of course. If you think any of my choices are way off-base, let me know and try to sway me to your point-of-view.

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