|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: The Original Series—Season One: a review



The first season of Star Trek: TOS is in the can, and it has been a wild roller coaster ride.

I’ve reviewed each episode in this project, so I’m not going to rehash individual episode plots here. I’m just going to take a moment to compare this season to all the other seasons of Trek series that I’ve watched so far.

This one has more highs and more lows than any other series.

Seven out of the twenty-nine episodes landed solidly on my All-Time Best Trek list. Eleven episodes were rated 3.5-out-of-5 stars, which I equate to better-than-average to almost-great. Seven episodes were just average, at 3-out-of-5 stars. Which leaves four episodes on the negative side of the ranking.

Like any series’ first season, this one was, at times, uneven. The episodes were aired out of production order, but the early ones were easy to pick out. The actors hadn’t figured out their characters yet, and the sets and costumes weren’t what we came to expect. When the series began to gel, it was classic Trek at its best.

And, as bad as the four less-than-3-star episodes were, I still think they were as good if not better than many of the first-season episodes from TNG.

During this re-watch of the series, I’ve gained renewed respect for the show and the actors. This was good television, and a wonderful foundation to build the franchise upon.

By the time I watched “Operation—Annihilate!” I think the characters I remember and love are fully fleshed-out. The same is true of the show’s settings and organizations. I still haven’t figured out what a commodore is, though.

Looking forward to continuing this Boldly Going project into Seasons Two and Three.

Ahead. Warp Factor 8.

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