|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 7 — a review

Deep Space Nine was just okay in its last season. None of its episodes made the All-Time Best Trek list, and—as I’ve already covered—the finale episodes disappointed me, at least partly.

Of the three Next-Gen Era series, the seventh season of DS9 ends up in third place, taking the bronze. Of course, this means that, for the first time since this project began, Star Trek: Voyager had the best season overall. More on that later.

For now, let’s talk about Season 7 of DS9.

I want to lead with what I liked about the season. Until the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, this series became the most-serialized of the Trek shows, and I liked that a lot. Many of the episodes needed to be watched in the order that they aired to make complete sense. While the individual episodes may not have wowed me, the arc of the Dominion War was, overall, quite satisfying.

I also liked Episode 7.4 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” All DS9 fans know about Benjamin Sisko’s attachment to baseball, and this episode is a bit of a bucolic diversion, a brief rest stop during the war for just a bit of schmaltz and nostalgia. You could miss this one without missing any of the main story arc of the season, but I found it to be a little fun.

And I liked that Ronald D. Moore was allowed to finish Kor’s story in “Once More Unto the Breach.” The Dahar master and legend was allowed an honorable warrior’s death, and it was handled well.

I’m still mad about the death of Jadzia Dax, of course, but I didn’t hate Ezri Dax. I felt a little sorry for the actress who had to take Terry Farrell’s place, as it couldn’t have been an easy role. But, overall, I’d say that Nicole de Boer does a great job at making the role her own, distinct from Jadzia. I also applaud the choice to flirt with Ezri and Worf becoming a couple, only to discover that they don’t belong together, giving Dr. Julian Bashir his first real girlfriend in the series. I still miss Jadzia, though.

I dislike most of the Bajoran religious stuff, even though I realize that the premise of the series wrote our writers into a corner, for the most part. I would rather that Gul Dukat had continued fighting the war for the Dominion rather than becoming the Emissary of the pah’wraiths. That whole arc with him becoming a Bajoran and seducing Kai Winn, I could also have done without.

The Vic Fontaine/Vegas ’62 stuff was just meh for me as well. Fortunately, there’s not much of that. Plus, someone listened to viewer feedback and kept the Ferengi family drama to a minimum this season as well.

The bottom line is that, while watchable, this season wasn’t a terribly exciting one. I recommend watching it for the satisfying conclusion of the Dominion War alone. The rest is just so much forgettable fluff. And the series finale—

I’ve already had my say about that. Don’t get me started again.

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