|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7 — a review


It took a full seven seasons to get there, but Voyager finally won a round against TNG and DS9. This was the best seventh season of Trek . . . so far. Voyager finally took the gold.

Neither TNG nor DS9 turned in a particularly strong season. This much is true. But, even if both of these series had been a good as they had been in the previous two seasons, Voyager would still have given them a run for their money. With no episodes scoring less than 3-stars, ten episodes scoring above-average, and a two-part finale I’ve already written about—”Endgame”—making my All-Time Best Trek list, this was a good, consistent season. And a fitting send-off to what was, over all, a good Trek series, I think.

There are several episodes in this season that reference episodes from earlier seasons. That’s a kind of continuity. The season is still highly episodic, most of the episodes easily standing alone. I have come to prefer more serialized storytelling, but I understand why the creators of this series chose to go the other route. You could watch many of these episodes out of order without ruining the experience for yourself. In fact, with many of them, it might be difficult to tell which seasons the episodes came from.

There are quite a few episodes, aside from the finale, that deserve to be highlighted.

The first episode of the season “Unimatrix Zero, Part II” was the continuation of the Season 6 finale, and help demonstrate Seven-of-Nine’s continued personal growth, which would be revisited during the season. The writers’ love for the character never flagged after she was introduced.

In “Repression,” Tuvok investigates a series of attacks against former Maquis members on board the ship. As usual, things aren’t as clear-cut as they first seem, and we get to see Tuvok acting out-of-character, which is always fun.

The two-part “Flesh and Blood” has the Doctor temporarily joining in with a hologram rebellion.

The two-part “Workforce”—one of my personal favorites—has the crew of the ship kidnapped, mind-wiped and used as a labor force on a planet. It’s interesting to see how our favorite characters interact even when they don’t really know each other.

All of the episodes are serviceable. There’s not a real dud in the bunch. During the course of events, Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres have their baby at last. We get another visit from Q, whose son is giving him some trouble and Q wants “Aunt Kathy”’s help. Chakotay, Harry Kim, and—to a certain degree—Tom Paris, remain mostly background characters, as most of the stories focus on Seven, The Doctor, and Captain Janeway. Neelix, my least favorite character, still gets his own happy ending before the finale, when he gets to rejoin a community of Talaxians.

While, sadly, I still have to say that Star Trek: Voyager is my least favorite Trek series, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have enjoyed my time with the lost crew of the USS Voyager and was happy with how things turned out for them.

You’ve heard things about this series, I know. But, if you’re a true Trekkie, you still need to watch it if you haven’t yet. Form your own opinion about the series. Some viewers have claimed that it’s their favorite. Maybe it will be yours.

3 thoughts on “|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: Voyager: Season 7 — a review

  1. I didn’t mind Star Trek Voyager. Season 4 & 5 were the strongest I think. Series 7 had some good episodes as well, but I found the finale a bit of an anti-climax Overall Voyager was still a good Star Trek series, but not a patch on STTNG or DS9.

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    1. I understand your point of view and agree that TNG and DS9 were better series. The final season of Voyager was helped by the fact that I was watching all of the Seasons 7 concurrently. After the disappointing conclusion of DS9, the Voyager finale was like a breath of fresh air to me. Time may change my opinion. It often does.

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      1. I agree, the finale of DS9 was a bit of a let down as well. Yes, watching the seasons in order like that is a good idea. I’ve been doing the same with Enterprise atm as its being shown on TV, never seen all the episodes before, and its made me revaluate my opinion of that sereis as well somewhat.

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