The Sophomore Slump: Second Seasons I’m Looking Forward To

Elsewhere, I have often repeated the bit of stolen wisdom that purports that happiness is having something to look forward to. I still believe this to be true.

We’ve all heard of the sophomore slump. It refers to an instance in which a second effort doesn’t meet the relatively high standards set by the first. Elsewhere in the world, this phenomenon is referred to as the second year blues, or second year syndrome. But, we’re talking about the same thing. This term hasn’t been applied only to students (true sophomores), but also to athletes (second season of play), authors (second books), musical acts (second albums), and—of particular interest to this post—television series (second seasons).

This past year, as it turns out, I watched the first seasons of quite a few television shows. The following is a list of shows whose second seasons I am looking forward to watching.


I’m Sorry

Okay, I’m cheating right off the bat. The second season of this series has already aired on TruTV. I just haven’t watched it yet. I watched the first season on Netflix and enjoyed it. The second season isn’t on Netflix yet, but I’m going to watch it somehow when I get the time. Andrea Savage is hilarious.


Doom Patrol

I’m still watching the first season of this one, which is about DC Comics’ group of superhero rejects. Already I’m anticipating the second season.



Who would have thought the story of Kal-El’s grandfather, with Adam Strange as a time-hopping guest-star, would be interesting. Season Two should be coming soon.


Mayans M.C.

It was no surprise that I enjoyed this true sequel to Sons of Anarchy. I look forward to more of the same mayhem in the second season.


Castle Rock

A Stephen King series not based on anything written by King himself, but in his style and in the setting made famous by the author. I enjoyed most of the first season. I look forward to the second season redeeming that finale episode.



Another DC Comics show, but not on the CW. The first season of this one had teeth. The second season should include the showdown with Trigon. Should be a hoot.

Here’s hoping that these shows all beat the curse.

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