Jessica Jones: Season 3 — a review and a farewell


Jessica Jones goes out on a high note. Netflix cancelled this series (along with the rest of the Marvel Netflix series) even before the third season premiered. The creators and showrunners of the series didn’t pull any punches on the final season, which, in many ways, was even stronger than Season 1.

These Marvel shows have been only as good as the main villains have been. David Tennant’s Killgrave was a difficult act to follow, although Jessica’s mother was an interesting choice for the second season. This final season’s Big Bad is a serial killer named Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), who has no super powers but is wicked smart and menacing. The actor was giving off heavy Hannibal Lecter vibes throughout the season. Frankly, I think serial killers are more scary than super-powered villains, mainly because they actually exist.

In some ways, Salinger is a feint, because there’s another secret Big Bad in this season. I’m not going to spoil it for you, though. You need to watch to see who it is.

Jessica’s supporting cast remains strong. Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor) has super-powers after her illegal surgery during Season 2. After killing Jessica’s mother, Alisa, the two women are estranged as the season begins. Jessica is having a difficult time forgiving Trish. Trish, however, is embracing the superhero lifestyle much more than Jessica ever has. Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) is now working as an investigator for Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and is doing things that make him feel dirty and less-than-heroic. Jeri is dealing with her ALS diagnosis and is trying to reconnect with a long-lost love. Jeri’s way of reconnecting involves investigating her old flame’s current husband and uncovering his dirty secrets. She can’t help it: she is a lawyer. In many ways, Jessica seems like the most stable of our recurring characters this season. Sure, she still drinks way too much and tries to keep everyone at arm’s distance, but she’s working steadily and seems effective. Jessica picks up a new romantic interest this season in Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker), a fellow binge-drinker who also has one of the worst super-powers ever. It is Jessica’s involvement with Erik that leads to Salinger becoming her nemesis.

Krysten Ritter, as Jessica Jones, continues to be the force that keeps all of the various story threads tied together. I was aware of Ritter’s work on other series before this one. The character of Jones has provided Ritter an opportunity to show off her impressive acting skills.

Things don’t end happily for everyone this season, but it is a satisfying ending nonetheless. Even though I was aware that I was watching the final episodes of this series as the story played out, I never had the feeling that any of the actors were taking their final bows. In the fictive dream of the series universe, it felt like most of the characters would continue to live on after the final credits rolled.

This was a good series. And this was a good season. I recommend it to everyone, even though it was over much too soon.

Firewater’s Plainclothes Superhero Report Card: A


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