Looking Forward (October 2019 Update): The Quadmonthly Happiness Report



We’ve rebranded FirewaterCo as FirewaterCorp, just because I like what Lex Luthor’s done with LexCorp. It’s time, once again, for our quadmonthly happiness report.

As the above inspirational quote poster suggests, our organization adheres to the philosophy that true happiness is achieved by always having something to look forward to. While this includes many life events, this outlook is primarily driven by the endless pursuit of entertainment. As the corporate motto “Read, Play, Watch” suggests, our entertainment choices run the gamut from books and comics to video games, movies and television series. There is a plan in place for each four-month cycle—the “plan” being how I intend to entertain myself during the next four months.

In referring to our October 2018 quadmonthly report, which was three full cycles ago now, there are some planned entertainment choices that I still haven’t experienced a year later. I’ll address those in a bit.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve crossed off the list since the quadmonth beginning June 2019, as well as the plans for the new cycle.


Since the June update, the following books were completed:

  • Infinite Crisis, by Geoff Johns & Phil Jimenez (comic)

  • Mass Effect: Discovery, by John Dombrow, Jeremy Barlow & Gabriel Guzman (comic)

  • Y: The Last Man: Book One, by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra (comic)

  • Y: The Last Man: Book Two, by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra (comic)

  • Batman: Vol. 1: The Court of Owls, by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo (comic)

  • A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin (novel)

  • Knightfall, by Dennis O’Neill (novel)

  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation, by Catherynne Valente (novel)

  • Hombre, by Elmore Leonard (novel)

Currently reading:

  • Batman: Vol. 2: The City of Owls, by Scott Snyder & Creg Capullo (comic)

  • Abaddon’s Gate (The Expanse Book 3), by James S.A. Corey (novel)

  • Batman: No Man’s Land, by Greg Rucka (novel)

  • Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon, by Jeff Mariotte (novel)

Looking forward to reading:

  • Justice League: Vol. 1: Origin, by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee & Scott Williams (comic)

  • Y: The Last Man: Book Three, by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra (comic)

  • Saga: Vol. 2, by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (comic)

  • Horns, by Joe Hill (novel)

  • Brimstone, by Robert B. Parker (novel)

  • The Shadowed Sun, by N.K. Jemisin (novel)


Since the June update, the following video games were completed:

  • Return to Arkham: Arkham Asylum (replay)

  • Need for Speed: Payback

Currently playing:

  • Return to Arkham: Arkham City (replay)

  • NBA 2K17

  • NHL 18

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

  • World Tennis

  • Minecraft

  • The Bridge

  • The Witness

Looking forward to playing:

  • Arkham Knight (replay)

  • God of War

  • Far Cry 5

  • Anthem

  • Marvel’s Avengers

An astute analyst will notice that God of War, Far Cry 5 and Anthem were all on the “Looking Forward” list a year ago. I may purchase at least two of them this weekend. The reviews for Anthem haven’t been encouraging, but its price has finally hit that sweet spot. Not sure when I’ll begin playing them, though. Before February, I should think.


This category gets subdivided into “TV” and “Movies.”

Since the June update, the following television series were completed:

  • Supernatural: Seasons 7 thru 10

  • Lucifer: Seasons 1 thru 4

  • Vikings: Season 5 (Part 2)

  • BoJack Horseman: Seasons 4 & 5

  • Stranger Things: Season 3

  • NOS4A2: Season 1

  • Veronica Mars: Season 4

  • The Good Place: Season 3

  • I’m Sorry: Season 2

  • Pennyworth: Season 1

  • Krypton: Season 2 (and final, cancelled August 2019)

  • Jessica Jones: Season 3 (final)

  • iZombie: Season 5 (final)

  • Legion: Season 3 (final)

  • Preacher: Season 4 (final)

Currently watching (TV series):

  • Supernatural: Season 11

  • Mayans M.C.: Season 2

  • Titans: Season 2

  • Outlander: Season 1

  • Extras: Season 1

Looking forward to watching (TV series):

  • Supernatural: Seasons 12 thru 14

  • The Good Place: Season 4 (final)

  • BoJack Horseman: Season 6 (final)

  • Watchmen: Season 1

  • Castle Rock: Season 2

  • The Crown: Season 3

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 3

  • The Expanse: Season 4

  • Extras: Season 2 & Christmas Special

  • Outlander: Season 2

  • Marvel’s Runaways: Seasons 1 & 2

  • Ozark: Season 3

  • Star Trek: Discovery: Season 3

There are other television series that I’m looking forward to, although I can’t be sure they’ll premiere prior to the February 2020 update. These include the next seasons of Better Call Saul, Westworld, and The Orville. I haven’t seen a release schedule yet. Also, I’m considering putting Agents of SHIELD: Season 6 and Arrow: Season 7 back into the rotation since their next seasons will be their last. New series are on the horizon as well, such as Star Trek: Picard and the new Marvel television series. Fortunately, some spots just cleared on my schedule.

The series Riverdale was removed from the calendar only a few episodes into Season 3. It hasn’t been cancelled by the network, but its outlook at FirewaterCorp appears grim. Marvel’s Runaways was on the looking-forward list a year ago as well. It will probably still get a shot.

Since the June update, the following movies were completed:

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (re-rewatch)

  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (rewatch)

  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (rewatch)

  • Star Trek Generations (Star Trek VII) (rewatch)

  • True Romance (rewatch)

  • Black Panther

  • Ant-Man & The Wasp

  • Avengers: Endgame

Currently watching (movies):

  • Star Trek: First Contact (VIII) (rewatch)

  • The Shining (rewatch)

  • An American Werewolf in London (re-rewatch)

  • The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years (documentary)

Looking forward to watching (movies):

  • Solo: A Star Wars story

  • Captain Marvel

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

  • Creed II

  • The Thing from Another World (rewatch)

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

On the life event front, my oldest granddaughter was married in August. It was a Star Wars themed wedding and reception, which means the nerd force is strong with this one. It was a lovely ceremony and reception in Wisconsin. There was a taco bar.

I and the lovely Sharon are looking forward to our next vacation this month, in October. In about two weeks, we’re going to Cancun for a few days. Sunshine, turquoise water, and plenty of adult drinks are in the forecast.

During my most recent physical, my doctor informed me that I am down 46 pounds from six months ago. I’m not yet at my goal weight but am well on my way. I plan to stay the course, with maybe a cheat day or two in Cancun. My bloodwork is looking good overall, as well, and the doc’s taking me off one of my prescription medicines. Those are steps in the right direction.

The Christmas season is nearly upon us and work will be hectic for a little bit at the Post Office. I’ll give you an update on everything in February 2020.

Until then . . . (with apologies to Casey Kasem) Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars.


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