Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey — a video game review (Platinum Trophy #5)


This was platinum trophy #5 for me.

That’s a humble brag. It took me seven months to earn this platinum trophy, and, I promise you, I won’t spend seven months on a video game that’s not worth the time. I earned this trophy mostly organically, but I had to refer to the internet for help with a couple of the trophy goals. But, only a couple of them. The others were achieved through grinding away and completing seemingly endless side missions.

Here’s the kicker: even though I finished the main story and earned the platinum, I’m still not finished with the game.

Oh, I’ve put it aside for the moment. I needed the computer space for Anthem and God of War. But, I won’t sell this game to GameStop yet. There is still so much content left for me to explore. So much. And, I’m not including any DLC content (which I haven’t purchased). This is just a massive, massive game with, perhaps, too much content, if that makes any sense to you. I will return to the world of Alexios and Ikaros one day to complete my exploration of this world and to play around in Atlantis or whatever else I missed on the first run. This I swear.

I guess the lead isn’t buried on this review. I loved this game.

The setting is ancient Greece and includes such notable side characters as Sokrates and Hippokrates. While I enjoyed the Egyptian setting in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, this one is much more vibrant and beautiful. The game play hasn’t changed appreciably, and once I leveled my player character up to a certain point the challenges weren’t that difficult, but the focus is less about being an assassin in a secret organization or the Animus frame story (which I pretty much forgot about while I was playing) than about seeking revenge for past wrongs while completing epic challenges.

This game spoke to me personally for the same reasons I enjoy the fiction of late British author David Gemmell (who enjoyed his swords and armor) or the movie 300. This is storytelling on an epic scale.

Odyssey also includes seafaring adventure that hasn’t been seen in the AC franchise since Black Flag. It doubles down by extending the adventures beneath the waves. One of the most challenging of the trophies to earn was completing all of the undersea adventures in this game. At a certain point, you can get Poseidon’s Trident as a weapon, which allows you to breathe underwater. That helps, believe me.

If you’ve played this franchise since the beginning, like me, you can recall when falling into the water would cause your game to reset. This is a huge leap forward.

This seems like a short review for a game I’ve played for seven months. What else can I add? I loved this.

Firewater’s Sokratic-Method Report Card: A+


This one is destined for a All-Time Favorite Games List.


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