Issue #600: All New! 80-page Giant Golden Anniversary Issue (or maybe I just put up my 600th post)


This post has nothing at all to do with issue #600 of Action Comics, which was published in 1988 and celebrated 50 years of Superman history. Three additional decades have passed since then.

Side note: there’s no traditional 80th anniversary gift, unless it’s a headstone or cremation urn.

It’s not that this comic book wouldn’t be worthy of a little attention. It features a couple of my all-time favorite artists, John Byrne and George Perez. It looks like a fun issue, and it was easy to locate a used copy on Amazon for only $6.39, so not an extremely rare or expensive book.

However, I’ve never read it. 1988 was a part of that decade or so where I completely fell out of the comic-book continuity. Plus, I was more of a Marvel guy when I stopped buying comics anyway.

No, this post is just a little shameless self-promotion, giving myself a trophy for putting up my 600th post with my recent review of the video game Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I wouldn’t have known it was my 600th post if I hadn’t read a post on trefology (great site: you should visit) celebrating his 600th post. My first thought was that this guy must be one highly organized individual. I thought I would have to go back and count my posts to see what number I was up to. That seemed like more effort than I was willing to expend.

Then I discovered the “Stats and Insights” section on My Site, which has been quietly keeping up with a whole passel of statistics, including how many posts I have published. That’s how I knew when I reached 600. At least here on

My on-line life began when I started posting reviews on the Netflix site. This was probably fifteen years ago, maybe more. Then, as Firewater, I started posting on, which was great for a time before it started getting buggy and ate a goodly number of my posts (I thought the site might still exist, but it seems to be an on-line gambling review site now). So, the 600 is just the number I’ve reached here, since December 2015. I know. Big deal, right?

As a lover of statistics, in general, that’s an average of 150 posts a year for the full four years I’ve been active on this site. 12.5 posts/month. Nearly 3 posts per week. One post every 2.4 days.

I have to say that seems about right to me. The stats do reveal that there are peaks and valleys to my output, however. During the first full year—2016—I published only 28 posts. For some reason, that number soared to 241 in 2018. I’m currently sitting at 165 posts for 2019. I may manage a couple of additional ones before 2020 lands on us, but not many more unless I get a burst of manic energy or drink a lot of coffee from my French press. I don’t really give myself a quota, but I get a stupid sort of thrill when I see the monthly post tally on my site reach double digits. The only person I’m competing with is myself.

At a glance at the stats, I’ve posted around 700,000 words on this site. My guess is that too many of them were adverbs. By any standard, however, that’s a lot of words. I have 26 additional posts planned at the moment, including this one. Some may never be written at all. A few already exist in some form, even if just as sketchy notes. Most of them are reviews, of course.

Not a whole lot of deep-thinking going on here.

There are other facts to be gleaned from the stats. I’m not going to dwell on these at the moment, and I probably never will, if I know myself at all. Getting hung up on views and “likes” is a slippery slope, and is unseemly for a man of my advanced age and lofty US postal clerk status.

Thank you for allowing me a moment of narcissistic self-back-patting. 600! Not too shabby.

By the way, this was #601.

6 thoughts on “Issue #600: All New! 80-page Giant Golden Anniversary Issue (or maybe I just put up my 600th post)

  1. Bravo, my friend! Well done! I picked you up earlier this year, so I’ve seen maybe around a hundred. I have to say, they’ve been enjoyable reads and well worth the time. Here’s to the next 600!

    Liked by 1 person

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