10-List: Quotidian Quotes (Firewater’s List of Everyday Wisdom)


Quotidian” is a highly unusual word that means “everyday” or “ordinary.” Which I think is ironic.

I’m not claiming that the following are original words of wisdom at all. However, I think each one offers wise advice, and since I can’t find out the original author for any of them, they might as well belong to me. You can quote me on that.

In no particular order:

  • “Always ask yourself the following two questions: ‘If not me, then who?’ and ‘If not now, then when?'”
  • “Occasionally, you should eat dessert first. It’s why you wanted to be an adult.”
  • “Once you have a solution, you no longer have a problem: You have a To-Do list.”
  • “Resist the temptation to pick at loose threads, in both clothing and loved ones’ alibis.”
  • “You won’t always like the person you love. If you hate them, however, you don’t really love them.”
  • “It’s wise to lose the occasional argument.”
  • “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answers to.”
  • “Have a suit pressed and ready for funerals or weddings. They’re going to happen.”
  • “Drivers who stop to allow others to pull out into the road ahead of them are being very kind and considerate to those others. If I’m behind them in traffic, they’re being very rude and inconsiderate to me. Remember: someone’s opinion of you is based on their perspective, not just your actions.”
  • “Remember that you can live longer without food than you can without water. Then, drink some water.”

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