10-List: Final Season 2020 (series I’ve watched)


Many television series are coming to an end in 2020 (or have already ended). In the past, I had a habit of not watching a series until it had been off-the-air for a while (Seinfeld, Lost, Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, etc.). The following 10 series were a few I’ve been watching before the shows were cancelled.


Modern Family — My wife and I were early adopters of this series. We’ve watched it since the first season, and continue to watch it in syndication. It has been one of few shows that we’ve enjoyed together. Eleven seasons is a good run. With all of the kids grown up, it was probably time to pull the plug. This one ends next week.


Fresh Off the Boat — This series ended its six-year run without a lot of fanfare back in February. Another one that Sharon and I watched. I’ve always felt that more people should have been talking about this one. I liked that it featured a Taiwanese-American family, was set in the 1990s, and included actor Ray Wise. This show was quietly brilliant.


The Good Place — This Michael Schur-created fantasy comedy concluded its fourth season, and its story, back in January. I’ve written about it here. Another brilliant series.


BoJack Horseman — The final season of this animated series dropped at the end of January. Season 6. This is the only cartoon on this list, but it is quite possibly the best drama as well. You can read about my love for this series here as well.


Arrow — The series that kicked off the Arrowverse, the collection of DC Comics shows on the CW, ended its eighth and final season at the end of January as well. Full disclosure: I’m still watching the eighth season. I was a big fan of the show for more than half its run. And then, I wasn’t.


Supernatural — I spent almost fourteen years not watching this series, and then watched it at a rate of at least five-episodes-per-week throughout 2019, until I caught up with Season 15, which happens to be its last. The show’s cancellation wasn’t announced until after I began watching. This series has been an uneven ride at best, but I’ve enjoyed it. The current plan has the series finale airing next month.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — The last season of this series, its seventh, is set to air sometime this year. The show has felt a little off its game for a couple of years, but has remained watchable. We even got a version of Ghost Rider on television. Couldn’t ask for much more than that. I’m interested in seeing how it all ends.


Shameless — The eleventh and final season of this series is set to air later this year. But, I’ll be watching it for some time to come. I’ve just begun watching Season 3, and so far I love this show. Sure, I was a latecomer, but at least I began watching it while it was still on the air. Not like The West Wing (also in Season 3 of that show, by the way).


Lucifer — Another of those series I’d probably never have watched if it hadn’t come to Netflix. The first three seasons aired on Fox, and then Netflix saved the series after its cancellation. The fifth and final season is scheduled to drop on Netflix sometime this year. This is a Devilishly good series.


Vikings — For me, the story told by this series was over after the deaths of Athelstan and Ragnar. The last half of Season 6, its final season, will air sometime this year. I haven’t begun watching the season yet and will probably wait until its over. I’ve read that a sequel series, to air on Netflix, is in the works. I’ve enjoyed this one enough to give that a try as well.

Endings always come with a little sadness, but there’s also something satisfying in knowing you now have the complete set. Or, maybe it’s just me.

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