10-List: Even More Quotidian Quotes (Firewater’s List of Everyday Wisdom)

Practical wisdom for the list-minded web-surfer.

  • They say that two alcoholic drinks a day is the recommended maximum for men. I’m saving mine up for the weekend.
  • Remember this: You can’t sing as well as you think you can, no matter what your family tells you.
  • When an ink pen begins to give you trouble, throw it away. Unless it’s a Mont Blanc or a Cross.
  • Ben Franklin once said that there was only one certain way that two people could keep a secret. No one knows what that is because he killed the man he said it to.
  • A talent for leadership isn’t always a positive thing. Too often, leaders prove to be bad people.
  • PepsiCo makes a 36-can multipack of Diet Mountain Dew (and other sodas, one might assume) that has a handle built into the top of the cardboard box. Don’t fall for this clever practical joke. If you try to carry the carton by this handle, it will fall apart and spill cans everywhere.
  • Two great things in life: the first bite off the tip of a pizza slice and the first sip of an ice-cold beer.
  • You can teach someone how to do almost anything. You can’t, however, teach them to care.
  • People always tend to follow the path of least resistance. Sun Tzu said something similar to that, about leaving your enemy an avenue of escape. Even a cornered rat will fight. And cockroaches can actually fly—I’ve seen it.
  • Think before speekin. And always edit your riting.

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