10-List: First Seasons (Started Since October 2020)

I write a quadmonthly (that’s once every four months) update that I call “Looking Forward.” It’s a status report of sorts, based upon the conceit that happiness can be achieved by looking forward to something. In my world, that something, largely, are entertainment choices. “Read. Play. Watch.” is our corporate mission statement (with “Listen” as an unnamed entertainment choice, although I contend that listening is merely reading with your ears when it comes to audiobooks, podcasts, and—this is stretching the metaphor a bit, but here goes—music).

The Looking Forward posts also list those entertainment options I finished during the previous four months as well as those I plan to begin. While glancing at the file I maintain to make completing the quadmonthly report easier, I noticed that there were ten first seasons that I have watched, or am in the process of watching, since October 2020.

Because I am who I am, I immediately thought this deserved a separate 10-List. Without any further da-doo-run-run-da-doo-run-run, here is a list.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

This first animated Trek series since Star Trek: The Animated Series. The first season was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more.

Cobra Kai

If you’re jonesing for the 1980s, you can’t go wrong with this one, which is now being kept alive by Netflix. William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence is my new hero.

Truth Seekers

This was an Amazon Prime original. It stars Nick Frost, with Simon Pegg as a supporting actor. It’s very British. A cross between The X-Files and everything else Frost and Pegg have done together. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.

Stargate SG-1

Yeah, this is an older science-fantasy series, with some interesting ideas and not a huge budget. I believe I started watching this same season years ago and couldn’t get into it. That no longer seems to be true.


I think this is the first Disney + stab at an MCU series. I’ve watched only one episode so far. It’s bizarre. Surreal, in fact. But, it is Wanda Maximoff and the Vision. Jury’s still out on the overall quality of the first season.

Sex Education

I am already halfway through the first season of this series. As odd as it might seem, I decided to begin watching this Netflix original series after watching its young star, Asa Butterfield, in the movie Ender’s Game. As I tend not to review things I consider to be unworthy of further attention, I haven’t written a review of this movie. It’s subpar science-fiction with some great SFX and a couple of good performances, including Butterfield’s. The Netflix series also stars Gillian Anderson, who seems to be popping up in several things I watch.


More inspired animated lunacy from Matt Groening. This time we’re skewering all of the fantasy tropes, and it’s some funny stuff.

In the Dark

This series about a blind woman began on the CW. My wife binge-watched this a while back. Since I’m not a binge-watcher, I didn’t start watching this until recently. Netflix already has the first two seasons. I think the third season is being filmed as I type this.

Buffy (rewatch)

I watched all seven seasons of this series many years ago. After a rewatch of Firefly, and my undiminished enjoyment of that series, I was in the mood for more Joss Whedon. Rather than watching something I’ve never seen, such as Dollhouse, I decided a return trip to the Hellmouth was in order. It scratches a certain supernatural itch since I’ve finished all of Supernatural.

The Stand

Yet another television production of my all-time favorite Stephen King novel, The Stand. This may be a limited series, which means it may not get a second season. I’d be okay with that as long as this season ends well. This is an average adaptation, at best. Having watched five of the nine planned episodes, I feel qualified to say this already. This novel needs the Peter Jackson treatment.

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