10-List: Quotidian Quotes Redux

who sez?

“Quotidian” is a fancy word that means “commonplace” or “everyday,” which is a little ironic. “Redux” is another fancy word that means “brought back” or “revived.” This 10-List is another collection of everyday wisdom (and a few wisecracks) from your ol’ pal Firewater, the wisest man in my home office.

  • For a person who has no long term memory, the honeymoon never ends.
  • Does the phrase “Hindsight is twenty-twenty” have negative connotations after the crapshow of a year that we just went through?
  • The cartoon shorthand for having an idea is still a glowing lightbulb in a thought balloon. The lightbulb was a great invention, I’ll admit. But, haven’t there been ideas since then that were just as good, if not better? Or, maybe, it implies that the brain is a significant source of electricity, and if you have a good enough idea, you’re generating enough current to make an incandescent lightbulb glow. I still think we can do better. Cartoonists, get to work on that. At the very least, use more energy efficient light sources.
  • People who don’t care seem to have less stress in their lives than people who do.
  • I believe reality exists independent of my perceptions. No matter what you might believe quantum physics hints at, the couch in my living room continues to exist whether I’m looking at it or not. To believe otherwise is incredibly narcissistic.
  • I wonder how many NRA members, as a percentage of total membership, have had their cold, dead fingers pried away from the triggers of their guns. I’m guessing that the number is low.
  • I’ve always believed that it’s better to learn from mistakes made by others than from your own mistakes. Google youtube amateur tree cutting before cutting down that tree in your own front yard.
  • I was hit by a rock once. It hurt a lot. Therefore, rocks exist. Rocks exist without thinking. Rene Descartes was on the right track, but I believe rocks exist even though they can’t doubt their own existence. And, because I felt pain, that means I exist as well. My Latin catchphrase is a little more clunky, but still philosophically sound and not just selfishly concerned with my own existence. Ego nocere ergo saxa esse, ergo sum.
  • Stop lying on job interviews: You are not an efficient multitasker. No one is. Your ability to compartmentalize your thinking and to fully focus on different tasks at different times is your key to being truly effective. If people were wired to multitask, we wouldn’t be seeing all these warnings about texting while driving.
  • I sometimes miss having to use a paper road map when travelling. Back then, you felt like a trailblazer when you took to the highway. Arriving at your intended destination felt like a much bigger accomplishment. Nowadays, my iPhone sounds like a nagging backseat driver.
who, sez

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