10-List: Final Seasons (that I am or will be watching)

For the true collector, the announcement of a television or streaming series’s final season presents the opportunity to complete the collection, to have watched every episode of the series. While there will always be at least a tinge of sadness for anything coming to its end, there is also a certain measure of satisfaction to be found.

The final seasons of the following series have either already happened, are currently playing, or will be released at some future date. And, I will watch them all.

Supergirl: Season 6

Supergirl was always my third-favorite DC-on-CW series, after The Flash and Arrow. It began on CBS, but joined the other Greg Berlanti shows after the first season. Seven episodes of the final season have already aired, with episode eight currently slated for the end of August after a brief hiatus. The quality of this show has always been uneven, but I have enjoyed the performances of most of the actors.

Lucifer: Season 6

This is the series that keeps ending. It was cancelled by Fox after three seasons, then picked up by Netflix for a fourth and fifth season. Season 5 was originally announced as the final final season, but Netflix managed to put together a deal for a sixth. Season 6 is really the final season. Maybe.

Ozark: Season 4

After the violent conclusion of Season 3, I have to wonder where the series can go from here. In many ways, I’m happy that Season 4 will be this show’s last. The Byrde family has managed to get increasingly entangled in plot complications and violent crime drama in only thirty episodes. At this point, I can’t imagine a happy ending, but I’m holding out hope for at least some survivors.

Better Call Saul: Season 6

I never thought a series focusing on sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman would be as interesting as Breaking Bad. I was wrong. ‘Nuff said. Whatever Vince Gilligan does next, I’ll be watching.

Shameless: Season 11

This final season has already finished its run on Showtime. I’m just waiting for it to appear on Netflix so that I can finish the set. I already know that certain characters who previously left the show don’t return for the finale, but I still have to find out what happens with the Gallagher clan.

The Walking Dead: Season 11

I have some catch-up work to do before I watch this final season. I stopped watching, for a time, after Season 8. In the interim, I read all of the compendiums collecting Robert Kirkman’s entire comic book run. Since then, I’ve been wanting to return to the AMC television series. With the announcement of the final season airing, I finally discovered a reason to do so.

The Expanse: Season 6

This series doesn’t need to end. I guess I could say that about several of the shows on this list, but I feel most strongly about this one. I’m still reading the series of James S.A. Corey novels that this Amazon series (continued from Sci-Fi) is based upon, and there is a lot more material remaining than will fit in a single season. Of course, Cas Anvar, who played pilot Alex Kamal, won’t be returning for the final season after a series of sexual misconduct allegations, so the series found family will not be the same. Oh well, I still have the books.

Kim’s Convenience: Season 5

I think the final season of this Canadian sitcom about a Korean-Canadian family was announced soon after I watched the very first episode. If the series were renewed for five more seasons, I would be still be on board. This was a good one.

Peaky Blinders: Season 6

I believe the original plan for this series was to plot the fortunes of the Shelbys, Birmingham’s premiere crime family, between WWI and WWII. So, there was always an end in sight. Unfortunately, Helen McCrory, who played Aunt Polly, passed away from cancer while the show was on hiatus due to COVID-19. At present, it’s uncertain whether she had filmed any scenes for this final season before passing. There is talk about a movie in lieu of a seventh season, and a possible spinoff, but so far talk is all it seems to be.

The Crown: Season 5

This is the series that accomplished what I thought was impossible. It made me interested in the British royal family and its history. I know there are people—even Americans like me—who can’t get enough of the tabloid stories about these folks. But, it was never my gig. Until now, at any rate. I’m still not interested in the real royal family, I should add, but I’ve enjoyed them as fictionalized characters.

Lets celebrate the completion of these television stories the way the people of Key West celebrate every sunset. There is a beauty—a symmetry, even—to having watched something from beginning to end.

Photo by Ana Arantes on Pexels.com

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