10-List: Firewater’s Personal Faves 2021 (big hits and deep cuts)

In January 2021, I published a similar 10-List, wherein I chose the top-ten favorite posts which I was responsible for in 2020. I blamed this bit of self-aggrandizement on another writer who had done the same.

Even mediocre artists sometimes steal, Picasso.

This time, I blame no one but myself. The following ten posts, written and published by me in 2021, still resonate with me for some reason. A few of them are among my most-viewed posts on WordPress. A couple were viewed by hardly anyone, although I still like them; I’ve always had a soft spot for mutts and strays.

I barely broke one-hundred total published posts in 2021, the lowest total since 2016, my first full year with WordPress. I’ve written more, although the bulk of what I’ve written will never see print. I’ve also completed work on some long-term projects that may be published someday. Just not yet. That means this particular exercise in narcissism represents nearly ten percent of my total output for the year on this site. As such, you’d expect it to represent a nice cross-section of my work.

It doesn’t. Most of what I write are reviews. Of television shows, movies, documentaries, books, comics and video games. Since I rarely write reviews of something I didn’t like, these might properly be considered fluff pieces. I’m a reviewer, not a real critic.

There are two reviews in this list. One of an old movie, and the other of a relatively recent documentary. No television (even though that represents the bulk of my writing). Also, no books, comics or video games.

The remainder of the list includes one questionnaire (a recent obsession), one 10-List, two essays about writing (those who can, do: those who can’t, teach), and four difficult-to-categorize insane ramblings or rants that I place under the catch-all heading of “But, I Digress—”

So, without any further ado-wacka-doo, here are my personal faves of 2021.

The Colbert Questionnaire

This is a list of interview questions actually used by Stephen Colbert in celebrity interviews. The answers, alas, are mine.

10-List: Tarantino Movies

I rank all of the Tarantino-directed movies from least-favorite to most. Spoiler: I’m a Tarantino fan, so I still liked my least-favorite.

The Top Keeps Spinning

This one may be about the importance of daily routines. Or, maybe it’s about a philosophy course I once took. Or, it’s about the movie Inception. I’m still not sure.

Escape (Not the Pina Colada Song)

This one is about escapist fiction and has nothing to do with Rupert Holmes.

Dazed and Confused

A review of a good movie that hit all my nostalgia buttons. Also, it has a killer soundtrack.

Writer’s Block Party

Some wiseguy once said that when you are experiencing writer’s block, you should write about that.

The First Draft of Anything . . .

Another writing essay, based on a quote by Hemingway that he probably never said.

The Last Blockbuster

A review of a documentary about the last Blockbuster Video store in the world, located in Bend, Oregon. Like nearly everything I write, it seems to be about nostalgia as well.

Generation X

This is the post about demographic cohorts you’ve all been clamoring for.

Why We Hate Each Other

Why can’t we all just get along?

Oh, and Happy New Year, Everyone!

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