Post #800 Redux (Or, Yay! I’ve Reached Post #900)

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A year ago, I published a post patting myself on the back for reaching the double milestone of 800 posts and one million words on WordPress.

I’m still proud of this accomplishment.

So much so, in fact, I’m celebrating my 800th post once again!

Allow me to explain. Since I put up my real 800th post back in January 2021, I’ve deleted an older post each time I’ve published a new one. No one’s missed any of these. They were posts that few people even viewed, let alone liked. With the scant wisdom that comes from hindsight, I discovered that there were many posts I was no longer proud of, either. Maybe the tone was all wrong, or my feeble attempts at humor fell flat. Maybe my views on some subjects have matured in the past half-decade, and I no longer feel the same way I felt in 2016.

Whatever the case, for the entire last year my post totals have held steady at 800, by design. Because my productivity took a dip in 2021, it took a full twelve months to increase my real total by 100. This is actually my 900th post here at FirewaterCorp, even though my Stats page still says 800.

Yay! Party!

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