10-List: First Seasons Watched Since February 2022

There is something exciting about beginning to watch a new series. Or, at least, a series that is new to me.

Since February, the kickoff of our first fiscal quadmonth of 2022, I have watched (or am watching) the freshman seasons of the following television/streaming series.

The Book of Boba Fett

More great fun from the gang that brought us the first two seasons of The Mandalorian. And, yes, Grogu AKA Baby Yoda appears in this one as well. Wear your fan T-shirts proudly.

Big Mouth

A Netflix original animated series featuring Nick Kroll and John Delaney about middle school children navigating their way into puberty. As of the publication date of this post, I’ve watched all of Seasons 1 and 2, and have already begun watching Season 3. This one is not for the easily offended. You have been warned.


I was already a Greg Davies fan after Man Down and his Netflix comedy special. I still don’t consider myself an Andy Samberg fan, but he’s okay in this inaugural season.


I’m also a Will Arnett fan. But, this semi-improv series was a definite “miss.” If Netflix has a second season to offer, I’ll probably take a pass.

Vikings: Valhalla

Not as good as the first couple of seasons of the History Channel’s Vikings, but still pretty good if you’ve been jonesing for talk about Kattegat and the Allfather. This one has Leif Erickson, also.

Moon Knight

I’m only two episodes into this one. However, the brains behind the MCU have managed to make me care about a superhero I knew next to nothing about, once again. Even the Egyptian stuff, which has been beaten to death in recent years, doesn’t bother me much. Not yet, at least.


Again, only two episodes into this one so far. Star Alan Ritchson has a superhero television past, having played Arthur Curry/Aquaman on Smallville, and Hank Hall/Hawk on Titans. He’s a better fit for the role of Jack Reacher than Tom Cruise was in the movie. But, I have to point out that Ritchson, though a tall man at 6’2”, is also shy of Reacher’s purported 6’5”.

The Man in the High Castle

This series has been on my TBW list for a while. It is based upon the novel by the late, great Philip K. Dick, the science-fiction author who inspired Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall, among many others. I’m only one episode into the first season, but I think I’m on board for the entire ride.

In order to make this a true 10-List, I’m going to add two additional series I plan to begin watching prior to the June 2022 Quadmonthly “Looking Forward” update.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Disney + hasn’t disappointed me with its Star Wars offerings yet, so I’ll be on board with this series when it premieres next month.

And, last but not least, a revisit with an old friend:

Agent Carter

This will be a rewatch for me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Peggy Carter often, and I’d like to reacquaint myself with this terrific series that ended too soon.


4 thoughts on “10-List: First Seasons Watched Since February 2022

  1. I enjoyed The Book of Boba Fett, even though I found it a bit on the slow side – but the last two episodes and the return of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda made all the difference! 🙂
    Moon Knight is on my “what to watch next” list, I’m only waiting for a few more episodes to be added to the list because I’m experiencing some difficulties with the one-episode-per-week offering these days: Netflix & Co. spoiled me rotten! LOL

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    1. It’s not often that I enjoy a television/streaming series in “real time.” For years, I watched television series after the seasons were released on DVD. On many occasions, I didn’t begin to watch a series until it was off the air. Since I’ve imposed a self-rule not to watch more than one (sometimes two) episodes of any given series per week, it’s become easier for me to watch some series as the episodes drop or are broadcast. Of all the shows I’m currently wading through, I’m real-time current on THE BLACKLIST, THE FLASH and MOON KNIGHT.

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