Firewater is a fan of all speculative media, including science fiction and superhero stories.  He is an admitted former comic book geek who still dabbles but doesn’t really collect.  He’s happy that he’s lived long enough to see the images that Marvel and DC conjured from his imagination as a child brought to life on the big-screen.  We are truly living in the future that they told us about.

In addition to science fiction and fantasy, his preference in reading material includes a lot of detective fiction, from Sherlock Holmes to Harry Bosch.

A traditional gamer who made his bones in the video game arcades of the ’80s, Firewater continues to play today, primarily on his PlayStation 4.  The Mass Effect series from Bioware remains his favorite all-time video games.

A mild-mannered postal clerk by day, Firewater pursues all forms of entertainment when not at work and enjoys writing about it.  He doesn’t enjoy writing about himself in the Third Person, however.

Forget ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’  It’s “Read, Play, Watch.”


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