I am a fan of all speculative media, but am peculiarly drawn to science fiction, heroic fantasy, and superhero yarns.  Firewater has been my chosen nom de guerre to hide behind for around two decades.  Oddly enough, I created my avatar first.


I am a recovering comic book geek who no longer actively collects but occasionally dives into trade paperbacks.  The mental images that Marvel and DC were once able to conjure in my mind when I was a child are now fully realized in the movies and on television.  I am happy to be living in the future they used to tell us about.

I made my gamer bones in the video game arcades of the ’80s, and still enjoy playing games today, primarily on my PlayStation 4.  The Mass Effect series from BioWare is still my all-time favorite.

A mild-mannered postal clerk by day, I pursue all forms of entertainment when not at work and enjoy writing about it.

For some time now, my chosen personal motto has been “Read. Play. Watch.”  This was, of course, based on “Eat, Pray, Love,” from a book and movie I’ve never read or watched.  Since music and podcasts play some role in my particular brand of nerdity, I’ve altered that motto somewhat.

From this point on (until I decide to change it again, at any rate), the FirewaterCorp motto is:

Read. Play. Watch. Listen.

And—of course—“Write About It.”


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