10-List: Horror Novels

A variation on a theme, with Halloween just a few days behind us. Horror fiction represents only a small percentage of my reading, it seems. But, after some thought, the following 10 novels represent my quintessential horror selection. I didn’t repeat authors (even those with pseudonyms) or include those whose work is mainly in the […]

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10-LIST: Horror Movies

In alphabetical order, here are 10 horror movies that I believe are an essential part of any collection. An American Werewolf in London From its kickass soundtrack to the practical Rick Baker werewolf transformation effects, this is a solid horror movie. Plus, I’ve always been partial to Jenny Agutter. Carrie I loved the Stephen King […]

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  The challenge of posting a 10-List is limiting myself to just 10 of anything when trying to determine the quintessential items, be they movies, albums, books . . . whatever the case. I don’t consider this a Top 10 list. Let me explain my process, so that you’ll understand. I brainstormed comedy movies at […]