Series I Plan to Watch. Someday.

Let’s say it again: Happiness is having something to look forward to. If you insist that ending a sentence with a preposition is a cardinal sin (is this a sin committed by a cardinal? But, I digress—), then my personal happiness mantra could be written thusly: “Happiness is having something to which you are looking […]

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Embarrassment of Riches

This is truly a great time to be alive. Well, for me, anyway. If you don’t feel the same as I do, I am deeply sorry. I know that everyone’s worldview is affected by their current circumstances. At many points in my life, which has spanned more than five decades now, I could not have […]

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Happiness is a Warm List

I’ve posted a couple of things about happiness and its pursuit. This is a subject of lasting interest to me because it is one that seems genuinely universal. I know that you could argue that—at least based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—happiness is not one of our prime motivators, but I would have to, respectfully […]

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Looking Forward (Update)

About a year ago, I wrote a couple of posts about the forthcoming Mass Effect Andromeda video game. I mentioned it once in some random thoughts about the assertion that the secret to happiness was having something to look forward to.  At the time I was looking forward to seeing my great-granddaughter Melody for the […]

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Planning to be Happy

A week or so ago, there was something on television that I wasn’t watching.  What I mean is, the TV was on, and I was in the vicinity.  It was either a Barbara Walters special or maybe 60 Minutes, and some celebrity was being interviewed.  It could have been Michael Caine.  I’m not sure, really, […]

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