Supergirl: Season 5 — a review

I was looking back through my posts and discovered something I had forgotten. I never wrote reviews for Supergirl: Season 4 or The Flash: Season 5. I remember what happened. I did watch all the episodes of both of those seasons, growing increasingly dejected as I did so. I’ve described this before as DC-on-CW fatigue. […]

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Cobra Kai: Season 2 — a review

Even though I have often said, and written, that looking forward to something is the secret to happiness, nostalgia—or looking back, if parallel sentence construction is your thing—also plays a key role in my never-ending pursuit of happiness. There are several new-ish entertainment offerings that scratch the nostalgia itch. Netflix’s Stranger Things, with its 1980s […]

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Invincible: Season 1: Episode 1: “It’s About Time” — a review (Amazon Original)

I’ve written reviews of the first shows of new series I’ve watched before. I recall writing separate reviews for the first and second episodes of The Orville. I wasn’t crazy about the first, but I came around by the second. Still, I generally wait until I’ve watched the whole season. There are only eight episodes […]

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Weeds: Season 8 — a review

The series Weeds aired on premium cable channel Showtime between 2005 and 2012. This means that this review is for a series that ended about nine years ago. While it’s not uncommon for me to get around to watching a series long after it went off the air, the truth is I began watching this […]

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