Let’s Agree to Disagree

A conversation I may have had . . . “Let’s just agree to disagree,” Steve said. I shook my head. I’m certain my expression showed my disgust. “What?” Steve said. “What’s up with that look?” “‘Let’s just agree to disagree,’” I repeated. “When someone says that, what they mean is ‘I’m right, you’re wrong, and […]

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I like words. Words are how we communicate. And they are the closest we have to magic. If you record your thoughts in the form of words, they will live on after your body is dead. That’s magic. I used the word “doozy” in a review I wrote recently. It’s a word that I was […]

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Rhymes with Norange

Norange?  I’m either going to believe everything I read on the Internet—a dangerous proposition, if ever there was one—or I’m going to doubt the veracity of everything I hear, read, and/or see. Experience is the greatest teacher, and it has instructed me that the latter path is the most prudent. I read that the humble […]

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