Outlander: Season 1 — a review

It was a confluence of forces that made watching the series Outlander my destiny. There’s the Ronald D. Moore connection. Of course. It’s the world’s worst-kept secret that I am a diehard Trekkie. Ronald D. Moore was responsible for almost everything we associate with Klingon culture. For TNG, he wrote the episodes “Sins of the […]

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American Gods: a TV review

I can’t avoid writing about the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I watched the eighth episode of the first season, the last of the season, about a week ago as I write this. I’ve been thinking about what I watched since then. I’ve been doing a second reading of the novel at the […]

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Happiness is a Warm List

I’ve posted a couple of things about happiness and its pursuit. This is a subject of lasting interest to me because it is one that seems genuinely universal. I know that you could argue that—at least based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—happiness is not one of our prime motivators, but I would have to, respectfully […]

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