GLOW: Season 3 — a review

Another ten-episode offering from Netflix. It’s bittersweet, since the series has been cancelled. Originally, the series was supposed to end at Season 4, but the pandemic screwed up all sorts of timetables and schedules, and, if what I’ve read today is true, the fourth season was eighty-sixed entirely. I’m secretly hoping this is another Internet […]

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GLOW: Season 2 — a review

If you liked the first season of the Netflix original, GLOW, I guarantee you’ll like this season, too. Maybe that’s not a ringing, over-the-top endorsement, or maybe it sounds a little glib or sarcastic. If you think either of these things, then I may not be communicating my point clearly enough. The first season of […]

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Community: Season 3 — a review

If you’ve already watched the first two seasons of Community, you know what to expect from this season. This has been a crazy, engaging show, one that I never watched until 2020. Most sitcoms are easy to describe. “It’s like Friends, except in LA, with only one girl and five dudes.” Or, “Think Seinfeld, if […]

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