Community: Season 3 — a review

If you’ve already watched the first two seasons of Community, you know what to expect from this season. This has been a crazy, engaging show, one that I never watched until 2020. Most sitcoms are easy to describe. “It’s like Friends, except in LA, with only one girl and five dudes.” Or, “Think Seinfeld, if […]


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Episodes: Season 5 — a review

It was the Showtime/BBC series Episodes that finally made me a Matt LeBlanc fan. Not Friends. I mean, Joey Tribbiani was okay, in a vacuous meathead himbo sort of way. And his most famous catchphrase—”How you doin’?”—remains a part of my personal repertoire. But, Joey was strictly B-team on Friends, the sidekick, the friend-of-a-friend, never […]

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Episodes: Season 2 — a review

  After watching the seven episodes in the first season of Episodes, the viewer has some idea of what to expect from this Showtime/BBC series going forward. I liked Season One (see why it earned a respectable A- here), and I liked the show’s sophomore season even more. As the season opens, Sean and Beverly […]

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New Girl: Season 4 — a review

Season 3 of New Girl was my least favorite season of the series going into this one. But, it wasn’t awful. I graded it a B+, which is only disappointing after finding out that the first two seasons both got A‘s. The show made the Moonlighting mistake of letting Nick and Jess become romantically involved, […]

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New Girl: Season 1 — a review

This is not the first time I’ve watched the first season of New Girl. In fact, I know I’ve watched at least two seasons, possibly three, years ago. Then, I stopped. I’m not certain why, because I remember liking the series. More than likely, life intervened or I got sidetracked by something new and shiny […]

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The Good Place: Season 1 — a review

I’ve written, more than once, that I am not a binge-watcher of television shows. The Kris Kristofferson song “The Pilgrim” contains the following lyrics: He’s a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction. Yeah, that about sums me up, I’d say. The word “hypocrite” may actually apply as well, since there’s no term more precise […]

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