10-List: Quotidian Quotes Redux

“Quotidian” is a fancy word that means “commonplace” or “everyday,” which is a little ironic. “Redux” is another fancy word that means “brought back” or “revived.” This 10-List is another collection of everyday wisdom (and a few wisecracks) from your ol’ pal Firewater, the wisest man in my home office. For a person who has […]

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10-List: Another Serving of Quotidian Quotes (Firewater’s Everyday Wisdom)

I know, some of this isn’t necessarily “wisdom” in the classic sense of the word. Some are just observations or wisecracks. Personally, wisdom is as scarce around my house these days as paper products during a pandemic. It’s estimated that 40,000 people a year die in US traffic fatalities. Here’s a stray thought you probably […]

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