Idea Building (creative writing tips from Pencil Sketches, Modeling Clay and Fred Saberhagen)

  This post, at its heart, is an essay about developing ideas for writing projects. I’m no stranger to having ideas. Ideas are cheap. The implication that a good idea is all you need to write any work of fiction, from a short story to a multi-volumed series of books, is somewhat insulting. Especially to […]

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When the Urge Strikes…

I have been suffering from writers’ block for a couple of years now. I know it may not seem like it. I’ve written a lot of posts on this site. More in the last year than in the year before. Most of that surge in creativity can be attributed to the fact that I’ve been […]

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Talk to Me (a dialogue about dialogue)

“So, what  do you want to talk about?” “I thought we’d talk about dialogue,” I said.  “It’s probably the most important fiction technique a writer uses to put the reader immediately into the action.” “You think it’s more important than description?” “Maybe not ‘more important’ than,” I said, “but,  it’s at least as important.  If […]

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Time to Write

Some of you who believe you are not novelists have said something to this effect:  “I would love to write a novel, but I can never find the time because of ______________ (fill in the blank).” The assumption that bugs me in this statement is that time is the only ingredient necessary to writing a novel.  […]

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