Shameless: Season 3 — a review

You don’t need additional reasons to hate the character Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy). You’ll still get more reasons during Season 3, anyway. In most real ways, this Showtime series is about the Gallagher children, not about their father. Frank is more of a force of nature, existing primarily to complicate plots. Seldom are the […]

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Shameless: Season 1 — a review

I should probably change my online moniker to “LateToTheParty.” [I checked: it’s already taken—go figure.] I’ve never watched the British comedy Shameless, which this Showtime series was based upon. So, don’t expect much in the way of compare-and-contrast in this review. If you love the original and think the Yank version is utter excrement, then […]

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