Looking Forward (June 2020 Update): The Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome to FirewaterCorp’s quadmonthly “Looking Forward” happiness report for June 2020. Our abiding philosophy is that happiness is derived from always looking forward to something. And, in our world, where quiet contemplation isn’t really something desired during the waking hours, most of what is looked forward to are our choices in entertainment, pleasurable ways to […]

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Looking Forward (October 2019 Update): The Quadmonthly Happiness Report

  We’ve rebranded FirewaterCo as FirewaterCorp, just because I like what Lex Luthor’s done with LexCorp. It’s time, once again, for our quadmonthly happiness report. As the above inspirational quote poster suggests, our organization adheres to the philosophy that true happiness is achieved by always having something to look forward to. While this includes many […]

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