Vikings: Season 3 — a review

  And so, Ragnar Lothbrok became King of the Vikings when all he really wanted to do was explore and farm. Season 3 of the History Channel’s Vikings, which originally aired way back in 2015, is another 10-episode arc. The story told in these ten episodes is tightly packed, enough narrative for twenty or more […]

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Vikings: Season 2 — a review

The words epic, legendary, and saga leap instantly to mind when thinking about the story of Vikings so far. The words unflinching, brutal and bloody aren’t far behind. I am a fan of heroic fantasy, of the type written by George R. R. Martin and, especially, David Gemmell. Swords, knives, blunt bashing instruments, shields, armor […]

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Vikings: Season 1 — a review

I’ve found a new obsession and its name is Vikings, thanks to the History Channel and Amazon Prime Video. The first season was a rousing nine-episode peek into the world of the Vikings, through the lens that is Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmell), the possibly legendary Viking farmer who had the vision to imagine undiscovered lands […]

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