Stumptown: Season 1 — a review

  Stumptown is based on a comic book series of the same title, by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southwork and Justin Greenwood. It was adapted for television by writer-producer Jason Richman, who you may know as the creator of the television series Detroit 1-8-7, which had 18 episodes that aired in the 2010-11 season. No? You […]

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New Girl: Season 7 — a review

  The heart of the series New Girl has always been the relationship between Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson). As we enter the last season of the program—after a three year time jump—it seems that the will-they-or-won’t-they plot that has threaded its way through the series has finally settled on will-they […]

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New Girl: Season 2 — a review

Some writers, and some showrunners, get it. It’s about the characters. If you allow the characters you create to come to life, whether on the page or on the screen, the stories that develop from them will be more engaging, on one hand, and less important, on the other. Character-driven stories are the best kind, […]

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